4 Things That Delay Auto Accident Claims

When an auto accident happens and injuries are involved, a victim may wonder how long it will take to settle the case. Most people want to put these events behind them and get on with life, but they need settlement funds to support their families and pay medical bills. Every case is unique, and depending on the accident’s complexity and severity, it may take months or even years to arrive at a resolution. Potential clients can read Craig Swapp and Associates reviews, as well as this guide, to learn which factors may delay an auto accident settlement.

Ongoing Medical Treatment

A case may be delayed if the victim is receiving continuing medical treatment. If it can wait, the victim should not settle his or her case until they’ve reached a maximum level of improvement. A Car Accident Lawyer will find it easier to accurately value a victim’s damages, and if there’s a permanent disability, the lawyer can use that to increase the potential settlement amount.

The Size of the Settlement

The higher the settlement may be, the longer a case will take to settle. This is particularly true in cases involving serious injury and death. Auto insurance companies perform due diligence before making a payout, and they are usually reluctant to settle quickly if they believe they can prove a victim’s injuries aren’t as severe as claimed.

Problems With the Claim

The more information a victim can give the insurer, the better his or her case will be. A case’s value depends on responsibility for the accident and how severely the victim was injured. If liability is unclear, if the court says the client can’t sue, or if a doctor isn’t sure whether the defendant’s actions caused the victim’s injuries, it will be hard to win or settle the case.

Insurer Delays

Insurance companies take time to review the client’s demand package, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. In some instances, an insurer will intentionally stall a case to see if the victim will accept a lower settlement offer. Read Craig Swapp reviews to find out how the firm will aggressively defend clients against insurers’ stall tactics.

As shown here, numerous factors can delay an auto accident settlement. Sometimes it’s in the client’s best interest to wait for a higher settlement, and in other cases, a quick resolution is better. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s always wise to have a lawyer’s help when collecting information. Read the firm’s reviews on Martindale.com or call the office today to schedule a consultation.

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